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Hoitoa ja asennusta koskevat tarvikkeet

LOGOCLIC®  tarjoaa laajan lattia- listamalliston ohella monenlaisia tarvikkeita laminaatin hoitoon ja asennukseen. Jokaiseen tilanteeseen sopivat tarvikkeet, olkoon kyse kuvioon soveltuvasta korjausmateriaalista tai vain yksinkertainen huopatarra – LOGOCLIC® tarjoaa kaikkea.

Hae tiedot erilaisista LOGOCLIC® tuotteista, ne voivat olla sinulle hyödyksi tai avuksi saada laminaattilattiasi pitkäksi aikaa uuden näköiseksi.

How long does laminate last? 

The service life of flooring is an important criterion when making a purchase decision. Laminate from LOGOCLIC® is very high quality and therefore also very durable. This can also be seen in the LOGOCLIC® warranty, which lasts for up to 30 years. Do you want to learn more about laminate properties?

Are there any harmful substances in the laminate?

The environmentally friendly laminate floors from LOGOCLIC® are made of more than 90 percent wood from domestic forests. The laminate panels are manufactured with low emissions, without pesticides and without harmful heavy metals or other pollutants. All LOGOCLIC® floors are TÜV-certified and classified as extremely low in harmful substances.

The negative reputation of laminate flooring from the past still carries with it the prejudice that laminate is harmful to health. But this has not been the case for a long time: laminate poses no health risk whatsoever, neither for adults nor for children. 

What does abrasion class mean?

The abrasion class defines the resistance of a laminate floor in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 13329:2006. It is marked as AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5…

Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® is robust as well as resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches. For this reason, the abrasion classes for LOGOCLIC® only start at AC3. 

How is the abrasion class determined?

A test specimen is clamped onto a test fixture and the wheels covered with emery paper, the so-called friction wheels, are placed on the test specimen. Then 100 revolutions are carried out with these wheels. The test specimen is then examined for abrasion. This process is continued until abrasion is clearly visible. This is the initial abrasion point, which is indicated as the IP value – i.e. the point at which a clearly recognisable abrasion of the decor is evident for the first time.

AC3: IP value ≥ 2,000 revolutions

AC4: IP value ≥ 4,000 revolutions

AC5: IP value ≥ 6,000 revolutions

Can laminate be scratched by pets?

Laminate floors from LOGOCLIC® have many outstanding properties. Laminate is easy to maintain, light-fast, antistatic, allergy-friendly and, above all, resistant to impact, scratches and abrasion. For pet owners this means: laminate flooring is robust and cannot become scratched by pets during normal use. Pay attention to the usage classes of laminate flooring – these indicate the resistance of the flooring.

Is the surface of laminate light-fast?

Yes. Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® has numerous advantageous properties that make it an ideal floor covering for any living or working situation. In addition to properties such as robustness, abrasion and scratch resistance or antistatic properties, LOGOCLIC® laminate is also absolutely light-fast. This means: no discolouration of the laminate flooring is to be expected when exposed to sunlight.

How pollutant-impacted is laminate?

LOGOCLIC® laminate does not have a pollutant load – this is confirmed by awards such as the Blue Angel or TÜV. In the process, the laminate is tested for its quality properties, pollutants and other factors. Laminate from LOGOCLIC® is also not a burden on the environment, as the floor covering consists of around 90 percent wood-based materials and can be disposed of with normal residual waste.

How high is the wood content in laminate floors?

Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® consists of around 90 percent wood-based material from domestic forests. High quality is the hallmark of laminate from LOGOCLIC®. This is also evident in the development and production of our environmentally friendly laminate flooring – nature is a great example here. Production is low-emission, without pesticides and without harmful heavy metals. This also makes the disposal of LOGOCLIC® laminate unproblematic: it can be disposed of with normal residual waste.

Can I seal laminate additionally?

Once laminate flooring has been laid, the question often arises as to whether the floor should also be sealed afterwards. We can reassure you: this is possible. Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® consists of more than 90 percent wood-based material and is thus susceptible to moisture. Although the impregnated overlay protects the floor from penetrating moisture, moisture can still be absorbed from the floor via the joints. This could result in swelling. You can remedy this problem with LOGOCLIC® sealant.

What do I put under floors with impact sound integrated floors?

At LOGOCLIC® you will find laminate with integrated footfall and impact sound insulation. This is integrated as the bottommost layer in the laminate’s structure and reduces footfall sound by 50 percent and impact sound by 30 percent. Now the question arises: if impact sound insulation is already integrated, what should be laid under the laminate? Additional impact sound insulation is not necessary. However, a vapour barrier should always be laid.

Is laminate louder than other floor coverings?

A prejudice that still exists is that laminate is louder than parquet or other floor coverings. However, we can dismiss this prejudice: laminate floors from LOGOCLIC® are basically no louder than comparable floor coverings. To further reduce footfall and impact sound, additional insulating underlays for laminate can be used during laying. In the LOGOCLIC® range you will find impact sound insulation in the form of cork mats or felt sheets that are simply laid under the laminate floor. This additional insulation allows you to reduce impact sound and footfall sound.

Learn more about laminate properties.

What is clic laminate?

These days, laying laminate is child’s play. The reason: the simple clic system. Tongue and groove connect the individual panels. In the past, floor boards were laboriously glued together. But now the panels are simple “clicked” into one another and they are connected.

Clic laminate is a glueless connection system. It offers the following advantages:

  • Clic laminate saves time – because it is quick and easy to lay.
  • Clic laminate does not have to be glued, it holds in place with a “click” of tongue and groove.
  • As easy as the laying is, as easy is the removal of the laminate. You can easily take the flooring with you when you move into your new home.
  • Because it is so easy to install yourself, clic laminate also saves you money – because you can lay the laminate flooring yourself and don't need a craftsman to do it for you.
  • If a laminate panel at the edge of the room is damaged, the laminate flooring can be easily repaired. Replace the damaged panel quickly and easily by a new one.
  • The tongue and groove connection prevents gaps from forming with clic laminate.

Learn more about laying laminate.

Which areas is laminate flooring suitable for?

The LOGOCLIC® laminate floor range has the right floor covering for every requirement. Whether it's a hallway, living room, cellar, office or showroom: choose the right usage class, decide on a suitable decor and you can buy the laminate flooring you want at your local BAUHAUS specialist centre.

What does floorboard look, three-strip and two-strip mean?

Laminate flooring is available in different decors and versions. You can choose between dark or light laminate, laminate in tile and stone look or laminate in floorboard look. Depending on your choice, you can create a different living flair in the room. Strip design is also very popular for laminate flooring.

Can I wheel my office chair on laminate flooring?

Whether for a private office at home or for the office at work: laminate is suitable for both private and commercial use. With a view to possible abrasion damage, the question arises as to whether you should use an office chair on laminate. The good news is that all LOGOCLIC® laminate floors are assigned to abrasion classes AC3, AC4 or even AC5! This means that these floor coverings are particularly hard-wearing and wear-resistant. Nevertheless, you can take measures to prevent abrasion from chair castors on the laminate floor. Here are two ways to prevent premature wear and tips for using chairs on laminate in the office.