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Installation of skirtings

Preparation for skirting board installation

1. Measure:

Before the skirting is cut to size, the required length must be determined. Take the mitre cut into account when measuring the wall, or the possible use of corner or transition connectors.

2. Plan:

A floor plan drawing is useful for the room design. This can be used to determined the required number of skirting strips and corresponding connectors, and the number of installation clips. If in doubt, it’s better to buy a few more than not enough wall strips.

3. Cut:

'Take the mitre cut and connectors into account when cutting the skirting to size. Depending on the installation system the skirting length is lengthened (with mitre) or shortened (connectors).

Installation of skirtings using clips

The main advantage of fastening skirting boards with mounting clips is that you can quickly mount the skirting boards or remove them again without leaving any major traces. This type of installation is also particularly suitable for crooked, irregular masonry, as the fastening is only carried out via individual points.

Fitting the clips:

Fix the installation clips to the wall spaced approx. 50 cm apart. There are various options available for this:

  • screwing: drill holes in the wall at the appropriate points and fix the installation clips using a screw and dowel.
  • nailing: the installation clips can also be tacked on using a hammer and nail or nail gun. Pay attention in this case – just as when drilling – to possible cables in the wall!

Attach the skirting board:

You can easily and simply attach the skirting boards to the installation clips: to do this, push the skirting boards onto the clips from above. Drilling of the skirting boards is not necessary.

Installation using integral carrier rail

  1. Installation of the screw-fitted carrier rail:
    You can use either nails or screws and dowels to fix the carrier rail in place. The distance between the individual fastening points with nail/screw should not exceed 50 cm. 
  2. Clip the skirting board on from the front:
    You attach the skirting board by exerting slight pressure from the front until it latches into the carrier rail.

Installation of skirtings by gluing

A simple possibility is the installation of skirting boards with the aid of adhesive.

  1. Apply adhesive:
    Distribute the adhesive (e.g. PUR assembly adhesive) generously across the whole area on the back of the skirting boards. 
  2. Press the skirting board on from the front.