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The basis for uncomplicated living par excellence

Carefree living with laminate from LOGOCLIC® 

Not all laminate is the same. Especially when the going gets tough, clear differences in quality become apparent. But how can you recognise a good laminate floor? What do you have to look out for when buying if you have the highest demands when it comes to quality & workmanship and laying the laminate?

You should pay particular attention to the fact that the laminate flooring is made of the highest possible proportion of natural materials. High-quality laminate does not contain PVC, PCBs, dioxins or other chemical binders that can emit fumes. In the best case, laminate is made from domestic woods that come from sustainable forestry. This is the basis that makes laminate what it should be: a natural floor that is allergy-friendly and hygienic.

How you can recognise high-quality laminate

Genuine quality is not only apparent at first glance, but especially at second glance: a good floor is characterised by high light-fastness, resistance to stains and abrasion. This means that a good laminate surface must be resilient and tough. Even after years, no pressure marks will show on it – even nail varnish and cigarette burns will not harm it. 

In addition to the so-called strip division and the surface, which everyone can choose for themselves according to individual style and personal taste, it is above all the inner values that count in laminate flooring. The European standard EN 13329 defines quality characteristics and classifications. Depending on the area of use, you can compare different floors according to the wear class, core material, ease of laying and the assurance of production and control according to the latest guidelines.

Which laminate floor for which room?

Bedroom, children’s room or entrance area? – Before you buy, you should be clear about the type of use (usage classes) for which the new laminate flooring will ultimately be suitable. Because in addition to medium to high wear for residential applications, the LOGOCLIC® selection also includes a large number of so-called HPL laminate floors that are suitable for commercial applications. No matter in which living area high quality is required: Laminate floors from LOGOCLIC® are convincing in several ways. A laminate floor from LOGOCLIC® has a noble look and is resistant to everyday wear and tear and forms the perfect basis for carefree living – guaranteed!