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Dark-coloured laminate

Dark-coloured laminate for a cosy atmosphere

Laminate is available in a wide range of colour nuances. Whether white, grey or reddish – every shade creates a different atmosphere in the room. Dark-coloured laminate is particularly suitable for rooms flooded with light. Oak, chestnut or walnut: design your room to your own individual taste. Brown, black or dark grey laminate creates a special atmosphere which conveys cosiness and security. Find out here about dark-coloured laminate from LOGOCLIC®.

Dark-coloured laminate floors:

Dark-coloured laminate for large rooms

The colour of laminate flooring has a decisive influence on the character of the living or office space. With different nuances, you can give the room a different effect. Dark floors visually reduce the size of the room, making it cosy and homely. Dark-coloured laminate also radiates a certain warmth that you can take advantage of when furnishing the room. Dark-coloured laminate is particularly suitable in large rooms with a lot of natural light. For smaller, darker rooms, light-coloured laminate is more advisable.

Dark-coloured laminate with a light grain through to a rustic look

Whether elegant or rustic: you can achieve different styles with laminate in dark. Wood-look chestnut laminate, for example, has a lively grain, which is ideal for a rustic and quaint style. Laminate in dark tile look, on the other hand, gives a very elegant impression, reminiscent of large halls with marble or tile floors. Dark-coloured laminate is also the perfect flooring for colonial style – the dark brown panels can be combined perfectly with stylish furniture.

Get an overview of dark-coloured laminate from LOGOCLIC® – discover our different product lines with wood and tile decor. Once you've made up your mind, pick up LOGOCLIC® laminate at your local BAUHAUS.