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Elegant laminate in beige

Beige laminate lends a homely atmosphere

Beige laminate conjures up a touch of cosiness and a homely ambience in the room. A light beige tone or a warmer nuance – at LOGOCLIC® you have the choice between different product lines that include beige laminate. Whether with an intensive grain or rather simple – design your home, office or shop according to your wishes. With the right flooring, your room will become a real oasis of well-being! Find out here about laminate in beige from LOGOCLIC®.

Natural, reserved and pleasant – laminate in beige

Laminate in beige is a pleasant shade. It lends an air of naturalness. Beige laminate can be combined with many colours, leaving you free to design the room according to your wishes. The practical thing about laminate is: no matter whether the room is large or small, beige laminate is the ideal floor covering to conceal room size problems. Large rooms are given an air of homeliness, small rooms look somewhat larger thanks to the light colour.

Beige laminate is suitable for many furnishing styles

Do you want to achieve a certain furnishing style? Then laminate in beige is just what you need. The natural and reserved shade is an ideal match for different styles. For the vintage look, a darker beige is suitable; for the French country house style, use light beige laminate. If you prefer a modern and simple look, you can choose the Bright Powder floor from the Ceramico range, for example.

Beige laminate is easy to maintain

Laminate has long had the reputation of being a cheap floor covering. In the sense of being value for money, this is still true. But in terms of quality, this reputation has long been a thing of the past. Laminate has a number of advantages that make it a practical floor covering that is considerably more affordable than real wood flooring. It is also easy to clean and withstands household chemicals. Laminate is the ideal floor covering for allergy sufferers, since its smooth surface means that no micro-organisms can settle or breed. Beige laminate is also light-fast, robust, abrasion-, impact- and scratch-resistant and easy to lay.

Find beige laminate in the LOGOCLIC® product lines that matches the style you want and that you like. With the help of the shopping planner, you can put together an individual shopping list that will ensure you don't forget the right accessories for your needs.