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Laminate in country house style

Country house floorboards from LOGOCLIC®

Country house style is becoming more and more fashionable. It skilfully brings “the good old days” into the modern home. This furnishing style is determined by two basic elements: on the one hand, simple, functional and rustic, cosy shapes. Secondly, rather “old-fashioned” materials such as copper or brass, coarser fabrics in natural colours, ceramics and especially natural wood. The basis of the country house style is, of course, the floor, which is dominated by long wooden floorboards with striking grain and occasional eye-catching joints. You can implement this style in different ways.

While parquet was the flooring of choice for a long time, you can now easily install country house floorboards made of laminate from LOGOCLIC®. Thanks to the high-quality finish, you get the same look as parquet flooring. As a result of the high usage class of laminate, you are also laying a floor with a stable and easy to maintain surface that can easily cope with all the stresses and strains in the living area. Laminate flooring offers you a wide choice of playful shapes with light colours, or the rustic style of dark floorboards. Find out here about laminate in country house style.

Country house floorboards from LOGOCLIC®

Make yourself at home with country house floorboard laminate

Even though the floor is the basis of every room, it should match the rest of the furnishings. After all, the country house style conveys a lot of cosiness and a homely atmosphere. Laminate flooring has the great advantage that you can choose the right country house floorboards in the matching wood reproduction to go with your rustic furniture. Whether light or dark, pine or walnut – you will always find the right shade and pattern! 

Many decors help to create the country house style

Take a look at the versatile decors from LOGOCLIC®! You can choose from different woods such as walnut, pine, oak or chestnut. For the lovely country house style, which is kept in lighter colours, for example, the flooring longboard 200 Oak Monza is a good choice. For a more rustic and darker look, go for Vinto 192/10 Chestnut Alba. For a floor with a more distinct wood grain, Vinto 327 Oak Arona is an excellent choice. As you can see, you are completely independent in terms of design. You decide which country style laminate best suits your style!

The advantages of country style laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a real all-rounder for everyday use. On the one hand, it is robust and resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches. It is also easy to clean and maintain should anything ever get spilt. With impact sound insulation of the right thickness, laminate is even quieter than a comparable parquet floor. No matter what room you want to use the style in – it's no problem at all with country house style laminate!