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Laminate in floorboard look

Floorboard laminate for a rustic flair

Laminate in floorboard look turns your floor into a real eye-catcher. The long panels make your room look longer and give it a rustic ambience typical of an old building. Laminate flooring with a floorboard look has a very similar appearance to real wood boards, you can almost hear the creaking sound when you walk on it. Floorboard laminate has many advantages, such as its ease of maintenance and its durability. Find out more about laminate flooring in floorboard look and discover the different decors.

Laminate floors in floorboard look: 

Cosiness in the living room thanks to laminate flooring in floorboard look

LOGOCLIC® not only offers laminate flooring in a floorboard look, you can also find laminate longboards here! These are a true visual revolution. The long floorboards add new dimensions to your living space, because they make the room look longer and give it a certain spaciousness. In addition, the rustic planks are extremely cosy and create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. At LOGOCLIC® you can choose from different floorboard laminate decors. From light to dark brown tones and from lively to plain grain, everything is available.

Laminate in floorboard look instead of real wooden floorboards

Laminate has long overcome its initial reputation as an inferior floor covering. Because laminate is high-quality, robust, extremely easy to maintain and looks almost as good as real wood flooring. Laminate in floorboard look is also considerably more affordable than real wood flooring! For all those who prefer this look but do not want to buy an overpriced real wood floor, laminate in floorboard look is the ideal alternative!

Care and treatment of laminate with a floorboard look

Many advantages make floorboard-look laminate attractive in addition to its high-quality look. Laminate is natural, it is made from 90% wood. Due to the manufacturing process, in which MDF boards with a decorative layer are pressed under heat and pressure and sealed with melamine resin, laminate can withstand great strain.

Laminate is very easy to maintain; it is also non-slip, light-fast, anti-static and suitable for allergy sufferers. And you don’t need a craftsman to lay laminate in floorboard look because the simple click system means you can lay the floor yourself in no time at all.

Do you love the flair of old buildings and a rustic ambience? Then turn your room into an eye-catcher with laminate in floorboard look – find out more about the individual LOGOCLIC® product lines here.