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Natural real-wood laminate

Laminate in a real-wood look makes your home even more beautiful

Laminate flooring used to have a poor reputation. That is no longer the case these days. Visually, modern laminate is almost indistinguishable from real wood, because the various wood decors such as oak, pine or beech have an amazing, natural look. If you run your hand over a LOGOCLIC® laminate floor, you can feel the growth rings and the natural structure of wood. Even when you walk on it, you don't notice that you are walking on real wood laminate or parquet flooring. But see laminate flooring real-wood for yourself!

Laminate flooring with real-wood decor:  

Real-wood look with LOGOCLIC® laminate flooring

LOGOCLIC® offers a comprehensive range of laminate flooring with real-wood look. You can choose between laminate walnut, birch or ash. Laminate flooring from LOGOCLIC® is not only inspired by nature in terms of appearance. The environmentally friendly laminate from LOGOCLIC® is made from 90% wood, which benefits the natural look.

Laminate before real wood – the advantages are convincing

Laminate flooring is a practical floor covering that looks just as good in the living room as it does in the office. Laminate is extremely easy to maintain and robust, it is abrasion-, impact- and scratch-resistant. What's more, the integrated antistatic system, which prevents annoying discharges, is a real winner. Real-wood laminate is also recommended for allergy sufferers, as the smooth surface prevents micro-organisms from settling. With real-wood laminate, you also don't have to worry about the look fading. Because real-wood laminate is light-fast, sunlight cannot fade the floor. So with real-wood laminate, you're always on the right track!

Choose real-wood laminate – get an overview of the real-wood look and the different product lines from LOGOCLIC®. With us, you can also find the necessary accessories straight away.