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Lively laminate in ash

This is how you can imagine ash laminate

Ash wood is usually found in light pale grey, yellowish-white to reddish-white shades. The growth rings of the ash tree are clearly visible, the grain usually presents itself irregularly striped or in a cloud-shaped pattern. You will also find this look with LOGOCLIC®. In the Family laminate flooring product line, for example, you can choose the Ash Bologna decor. Enjoy this natural surface reminiscent of real wood flooring.

Conjure up the style you want with ash laminate

Ash laminate is not an entirely plain floor, because its grain makes the room look lively. Nevertheless you can use ash laminate in many desired styles. Would you like to furnish your home in a country house style? Or do you prefer a French touch? Or classic style? Ash laminate is the right choice for all these and other types of furnishing. Because the light-coloured and lively floor covering peps up every room – no matter whether it’s the children’s room, entrance area, basement, hall or office.

Laminate flooring has beneficial properties

In the past, laminate often had a bad reputation. But with today’s quality, laminate has established itself as a popular floor covering. This is due in part to the ease of maintenance. Laminate is easy to clean, and even household chemicals cannot harm it.

It is just as suitable for allergy sufferers, since the smooth surface does not offer a basis for micro-organisms to breed. In addition, laminate is light-fast, antistatic and has many other advantages over parquet or carpet.

Have you decided on laminate flooring? Then take a look at our laminate decors such as ash laminate.