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Birch laminate flooring

Grain and colouring of birch laminate

Thanks to the increasingly popular Scandinavian home design, birch wood is finding its way into our homes more and more often. Birch has mainly light shades ranging from yellowish-white to reddish-yellow and light brown. Pieces with a so-called brown grain are mostly used for veneers and birch laminate. These are darkly spotted or have a dark-coloured, linear grain due to bark inclusions.

Birch laminate – the elegant look for your home

At LOGOCLIC® you can get birch laminate in a stained finish, with colours ranging from pink to white to light grey. And the grain is also striking and lively, bringing a pleasantly contemporary atmosphere to your home. Birch laminate is the best basis for your home – whether for your living room or for the office. It makes small rooms look larger and gives large rooms that certain something. Birch laminate is easy to maintain, robust and makes the room in which it is laid look cosy and homely. So if you are not sure which laminate to choose, go for birch laminate – you will never go wrong.

From elegant to charming – with birch laminate you can realise any style

Furnishing requires a lot of skill, a plan and good taste. After all, you want to feel comfortable within your own four walls in the long term. So think about the style you want to implement early on. Then choose the flooring first, because it forms the basis of the room. You won't go wrong with birch laminate, because it can easily be combined with different furnishing styles such as minimalist design, French furnishings or a romantic country house style.

Birch laminate has many advantages

Laminate is an all-round practical floor covering. Whether birch laminate, walnut, oak or pine: laminate flooring is extremely robust as well as abrasion-, impact- and scratch-resistant. Laminate flooring is also easy to care for: dust is easily removed with a vacuum cleaner, more stubborn stains can be wiped away with a damp cloth or the necessary household chemicals. Allergy sufferers can also rejoice: the smooth surface of laminate does not provide a basis for life for micro-organisms. In addition, laminate flooring, including birch laminate, is antistatic, quiet and light-fast. With birch laminate you have found the right floor covering!

When choosing birch laminate, pay attention to the usage class. Depending on where you want to install the floor and how frequented this area is, you will need different usage classes.