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Laminate in slate look

A natural ambience with slate laminate

Before you lay a floor, you should think about the ambience you wish to create in the room. After all, a floor covering has a significant influence on the effect of the living atmosphere. So if you are looking for a floor covering that conveys an elegant, natural and classic atmosphere, opt for laminate in slate look! Whether in subtle brown tones, in white, beige or black – laminate in slate look literally forms the basis for your desired interior style.

Beautify your living space with slate laminate

Simple elegance, minimalism, a modern look, the classic style... All this can be realised with laminate in slate look. At LOGOCLIC® can choose from different colour nuances. From light to dark slate laminate as well as subtle and distinctive patterns, everything is available. And you also have a choice of tile size: square or elongated tile look – you just have to decide.

Laminate flooring with a slate look has many advantages

Slate tiles quickly show scratches and are difficult to clean due to their rough surface. The good alternative: laminate in slate look. Thanks to its smooth surface, laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain and is ideal for allergy sufferers because micro-organisms cannot take hold. Furthermore, laminate flooring with a slate look is very robust; unlike tiles, it is abrasion-, impact- and scratch-resistant. And the integrated antistatic system and its non-slip surface are also among its advantages.

Slate laminate is the affordable alternative to tiles

Slate tiles are not only impractical for everyday use, they also cost more than laminate. That's why smart spenders and the budget-conscious should go for laminate in slate look. Because in terms of appearance, slate laminate is in no way inferior to tiles and is considerably cheaper than the floor covering made of slate stone.

Here you will find an overview of laminate in slate look. Have you made your decision? Then take a look at the LOGOCLIC® accessories, too, to make your floor perfect all round.